IMSCART Responsive Web Design

IMS Voyager uses ‘iHTML’, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for its responsive capabilities.

If you’ve been working in the web design field for the past couple of years you should know that designing a fixed interface for a widescreen computer is not enough. Most of the clients you’ll be dealing with from now are going to request that their site is not only desktop-compliant but is also optimized for smartphones and tablets.

This issue presents the necessity of working with different screen resolutions in order to guarantee that a website looks good in all sorts of devices. But if the devices’ production continues at the same speed that it has for the past couple of years, the amount of screen resolutions and formats that designers will have to deal with is going to become unbearable.

The first element we have regarding responsive web design is dubbed flexible grid. Before this concept became popular, most websites were designed using a fixed width style and centered content, which was an effective method as most computers worked under the same screen resolution. Now that screen resolutions have changed so much, a fixed width design is not the best solution for your designs and therefore liquid layouts are the new answer.

Responsive designs respond to changes in width of a browser window by fluidly adjusting the placement of elements on a web page to best fit the available space. Thus, as you drag the side of a browser to make it larger or smaller, you’ll see the design change in real time. Responsive web design is not simply reducing font sizes and shrinking a picture to make it fit the new format.

This concept requires a thoughtful process where the designers and developers work together to determine how to redistribute the elements according to resolution, which elements may be eliminated and how to maintain the concept while simplifying the structure. Whether you design for mobile devices as a primary target or as a nice extra, you can use the power of CSS to ensure that the same content can be accessed across all hardware platforms, from mobile phones to wide-screen high-resolution displays.

Most designers today are choosing responsive design. Not only because it’s cheaper and easier, but because it’s so much more efficient to create one design that adjusts to different screen sizes than to create many designs optimized for all the different phones that exist now, as well as all of the new phones and devices that will come out in the future.

Reservation Software and Google

Our Voyager reservation software allows both shoppers and your sales staff to add then booked events to their individual Google calendars.

The Shopper/sales staff merely clicks on “Add Event to Google Calendar” button on the order confirmation page of that purchase trip tool rental or hotel booking.

Voyager reservation software also has the capability to support Google maps. a further advantage in working with our reservation software is that we are able to support Google Analytics and Google ads in our code.

Our reservation system enables customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through a seamless Internet experience via computers, tablets, kiosks and mobile devices.

It has dozens of integrated power reservation features, widgets, wizards and options available.


Barcodes for Reservation & Ticketing Systems

Print secure barcode tickets with copy protection

Printing secure tickets or badges, which cannot be forged or copied, has never been easier and cheaper! Just use the any of our reservation systems with the PATRON barcode ticket system to create and print tickets with a unique barcode on each ticket.

Using barcodes as copy protection has many advantages:

  • Check barcode tickets with a (wireless) barcode scanner, a webcam, an Android phone or iPhone Barcode tickets cannot be forged because each ticket has a unique barcode.
  • Use random numbers with 10digits, serial numbers or import other numbers from a CSV or text file.
  • Barcode tickets cannot be copied because each barcode can only be used once to enter.
  • Free for an unlimited number of tickets, no ticket fees.
  • No costs for special paper or special printing.
  • Tickets are checked with the PATRON software, which is included in the PATRON system.
  • Scan the barcode tickets with a simple barcode scanner, a wireless scanner, a webcam, an Android smartphone or an iPhone.
  • No additional hardware required.
  • Print barcodes in the formats Code 2 of 5 interleaved, Code 3 of 9 or QR codes.
  • Barcode tickets can be checked at multiple entrances at the same time with or without a network.
  • Ticket number can also be entered by hand if the barcode is damaged.
  • Scan tickets at the entrance as access control and to log attendance/participation.
  • Print barcode tickets as PDFs and send them by email with your regular email program.
  • The ticket number is also printed in readable digits on the ticket, which you can enter and check by hand if the barcode is damaged or unreadable.


Restaurant Software

Online Restaurant and Pizza Delivery Software


IMSCART – Online System Reservations

The FoodCourt Online Restaurant Ordering Software and Online Pizza Ordering Software sets a new standard in features, functions and benefits for owners of pizza restaurants. It is now also a standard feature in our hotel, tour, rental and transit software.

Online ordering will increase your sales and make your operation more efficient. Industry surveys indicate that restaurants offering a convenient, user friendly, online pizza ordering system will increase revenue by as much as ten percent and receive up to fifteen percent of their total sales through their web site.

Why FoodCourt?
Unlike most other Internet restaurent or pizza order packages, you purchase the license for the software. There are no hidden costs, no monthly or annual maintenance fees, and you are free to have it installed on the server or hosting plan of your choice.

FoodCourt is packed full of features to provide your online customers with a convenient and easy way to order your products. FoodCourt is built on the back of a proven, powerful and robust IMS Voyager. FoodCourt was designed from the ground up to provide all the features required to efficiently operate an Internet based, online order and delivery facility for your restaurant.

FoodCourt can easily handle your full menu including, Subs, Wings, Starters, Drinks, Gyros, Pizzas, Salads, etc., and the option generator allows you to decide whether they are offered with just a standard list of ingredients, or you want to give your customers the choice to take off or add ingredients, add a topping, dressing, change the bread or crust type, etc: the options are limitless and will easily allow you to replicate your restaurant’s menu and choice of ingredients. You can also charge for the additional toppings, change of dressing type, or make them free of charge.

The powerful “Build Your Own Pizza,” feature allows your customers to build a pizza from your list of ingredients, adding to the left side, right side, or whole pizza, and the “Specialty Pizza” section quickly assembles and displays the ingredients for a standard pizza or “Half and Half.”

The template driven FoodCourt software is easily customized to integrate into the “look and feel” of your existing web site. FoodCourt also comes standard with powerful marketing functions, including an “upsell” facility, newsletter, coupon generator, contact form, and affiliate system.

The “upsell” featur

IMSCART – Online System Reservations


IMSCART – Online System Reservations

Since 2002, we have continued to create and deliver, pre-built application functionality with our Scalable Service Orientated ENTERPRISE Voyager Architecture, for Internet Reservations, such as, IMS Voyager Tour DESTINATION and TRANSIT (Ferry & Bus) software system, with integrated Hotel, Rental, Marina & Campground Reservation module’s (plus variants) and integrated ticketing systems that helps companies build connected enterprises to capture more market share, communicate effectively and operate competitively in today’s Internet environment. READ MORE…

Affordable Transit Reservation Software – IMSCART INC

Just a note of thanks for such wonderful software. It has been such a pleasure to work with your product. I wish all software developers approached their products like you do. And on top of that your support has been exceptional.

Thanks John, Daniela and the rest of the IMS team.

Edward O. Owner  Parking lots

Just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work that you have put into this. I know it was not an easy task to accomplish in a short period of time. I spoke to Don yesterday and he is very pleased and excited about the new software.

So thank you very much for all your help and hard work!!

Jennifer Sivertson ~ GPIR Inc.

IMScart – Internet Merchandising Systems Inc.

In 2012 I had the FORTUNE to know IMScart, or “Internet Merchandising Systems”.

I say that I have good luck because I wanted to know, in practice, I have over achieved the start-up that I was starting and as a result, I have made a big financial gain because of this company!  Great job IMSCART!

We’re talking about – great service and great software that goes beyond the call of duty.  Visit their website to request a free demo.

This is their logo: Click on it to be taken to their website



Reviews Online Reservation Systems

I’ve tried lots of online reservation systems, I have invested thousands of dollars to test them out and test developers, some were very helpful, others have proved unavailable, or in some cases of cheating.
In this site you will publish my experiences with these companies that operate worldwide.

The only reservation system that stands out and has been 100% in service and quality in my opinion, is IMSCART – Visit their website to request your free demo –

Developers Reservations Systems

Who develops these reservation systems?
Who is behind an open-source platform Reservation?

Often developers are very good, but that tourism would understand to a certain point.

Develop according to the needs of those who use these platforms, but in the end do not listen to the real needs, likely to put themselves in the shoes of a user who needs to book a hotel and as a result develop the platform so that it is easier to use and practice .

But what they do not take into consideration is the use of these platforms tour operators, travel agents, travel agencies, tour operators, and the latter have to buy and therefore fund their development projects.
The developers do not take into account the suggestions of these categories.

Shortly publish the detailed reviews on different booking systems I have tested. IMSCART is by far the best one I have had the pleasure to use. Great software and great support and much more than you bargain for. Thumbs Up! – Visit their website – – Reservation Software


Having purchased the Tour Software and subsequently adding various other modules with specific customization I can thoroughly recommend IMS. The team have delivered high quality work on time every time facilitating a very quick deployment of our e-commerce strategy . You need look no further for a reliable and professional company that combines flexibility and great value for money with a high quality e-commerce software package. Thank you, here is one very happy customer!”

Chris Justice, Inside Sales, E-commerce & Business Development Manager,


Working with Daniela at IMS to develop a online reservations system for our whitewater rafting company was a real pleasure. I cant imagine anyone more patient and understanding to work with. We had so many questions and changes as the process evolved that I thought she would go crazy trying to explain everything to us in terms simple enough for us to understand.

Instead it was just the opposite, she never failed in making us feel like we were being listened to and that our concerns were taken seriously.

The software itself is very flexible in what it can do and although our operation is fairly straight forward, there were many details that needed to be worked out to customize it for our purposes. When we needed something out of the ordinary the programmers developed it at reasonable rates and kept working on it until it was perfect.

We have been using it for about two months now and it is working flawlessly. Its saves us so much time in the office. Ten of the last fifteen reservations have been made online, and about 30% overall since we started. It is easy to work with for the customer and us. I have called several users and they said that they had no problems booking online.

It is also easy to make changes in pricing, inventory and to modify someone’s reservation. After we use the system for the summer season, we can see if we need to make any adjustments for next year.

I cant say enough about how pleased I am with the system and I am sure that if we have any problems in the future, Daniela will help us solve them as quickly as possible.

Patrick Legel
Owner of A Wanderlust Adventures Whitewater Rafting Company.


Dear Daniela,
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and your team for customizing IMS Voyager to fit our rather complex needs as we do sailing and fishing charters as well as boat, kayak and trailer rentals from two separate websites.

Our IMS Voyager system has now been in operation for over a year and we are extremely happy with the efficiency and ease it has added to our reservation process. This is the third online reservation system we have tried and so far has been the absolute best, covering all of our needs and even adding additional functionality we did not expect.
Our credit card processing has become very simple and our staff loves the automation so that reservations are made, deposits charged and confirmation emails sent in under 2 minutes!

Once again our thanks for a great fully customized reservation system.

Bruce Longman
Executive Vice President – Operations
Windsong Charters and Boat Rentals


The Royal Hawaiian Luxury Hotel reservation system is now complete and online for our guests and potential customers.
After two plus months of client work, programming and extreme patience on your behalf, we have a beautiful and very user friendly merchant solution.

For more than a month, we researched and received bids from several companies that offered to program / build the system, but IMS Voyager had an already proven reservation structure that was totally proven and had the key factor of being able to customize modules and integrate our own needs. This was extremely important as IMS had many working systems already in place around the world. All we had to provide IMS with our own designed page formats, photos and graphics necessary to customize our own program. Most important, all your costs were very competitive. Your client list and experience was also proof that IMS Voyager would be our overall best solution.

Your support team was excellent. Daniela, your support team leader excelled in communication, was always quick to respond – within 4-6 hours. Her resolving issues were clear and concise – equally fast.

Our final reservation site, is testament to the experience your company has with developing enterprise systems. Thank you again for a great experience as customized software development is not an easy task.
Paul E. Goo

Great Services IMSCART – Reservation Systems

Finally John, let me say that we are very happy with the service that we have received from your company and how you really came together for us when the St. Thomas Symposium deadline was looming. You and Daniela could not have been more accommodating and professional. Please feel free (and we would encourage you to do so) to use us as a reference.

Peter Locke DGL 

Reservation Systems For Tours and Transits – Thumbs Up IMSCART

What I want to share with others:
“We have been doing excursions in Puerto Rico for almost two decades. We are passionate on what we do, but we were not that accessible to international potential clients, including individuals and wholesalers. In order to evolve our business, which is kind of complicated and diverse, we found IMS Voyager: The most complete, powerful and modifiable software available in the world to partner with the tourism industry. Your services and products are available immediately to millions of people all over the world.

You can manage your reservations like those giant generic impersonal sites, but without loosing the charm that your personal touch brings to the industry. The product itself is amazing, but what makes IMS Voyager most rewarding, is the immediate personal, professional and knowledgeable service you receive in the process of understanding how to personalize your site. IMS Voyager is absolutely a 21st Century evolution asset, to any business that depends on reservations.”

Quoting Judith Amador